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FOREX Recap of US Session

FOREXAs investors were pricing in the strength of the dollar and introduced risk appetite, the trading session was good for the volatile Forex hunters.

At the start of U.S. trading session, the green buck began on a fierce note although the worse-than-expected reports from Uncle Sam were released. One of the possible reasons is that the equities market of the U.S. was undergoing a good day together with the10-year of America’s Treasury that ascended 7 basis points towards 2.21%.
EUR/USD pair dropped 10 pips to 1.2286 while USD/JPY reached a 119.31 high prior to descending to 118.79. In the meantime, GBP/USD leaped by 39 pips to 1.5673 behind the strong data of U.K. retail sales.

Strangely enough, the commodity dollars were not on the USD rally train despite another dose of oil prices weak session. AUD/USD inched 14 pips and went lower to .8171; however, the USD/CAD really went down by 14 pips to 1.1597 but NZD/USD leaped by 18 pips to .7761.

There is no sign how much on the docket is during the Asian session except for the statement coming from BOJ monetary policy that is expected in a couple of hours. Analysts believed that there will be no changes from the central bank, but keep a close eye for any possible comments regarding the falling prices of energy together with the recent weakness of the yen and its effect on the BOJ’s short-term policies.

If you are waiting for the trading at the Asian session economic reports, then you have also to observe the impact of New Zealand visitors report that was released a couple of hours ago, plus the credit card spending of the country and the data from ANZ business confidence.

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US DOJ Probes FOREX Site

The US Department of Justice is probing the FOREX trading website known as Secureinvestment.com which disappeared in May 1 with almost $1 billion from investors worldwide.

The Financial and Capital Market Commission (FOMC) operating in Latvia is also invetigating the possible involvement of banks in that country being used by Secure Investment, according to the agency spokesperson Elina Avotina.

A prober detailed with the US Attorney’s Office for New York’s Eastern District started interviewing Secure investors based in the United States and Canada.

Nellin McIntosh, a spokesman for the agency did not make any comment about the matter. No one from Secure Investment has answered any calls or e-mails.

Secure made claims in its website that it traded over $4.8 billion day to day for some 100,000 investors in almost 140 countries worldwide. The site revealed its clients averaged net gains of one percent for one trading day in the last five years.

By making use of banks globally and small company names for many accounts, Secure Investment concealed the paper trail of market traders’ funds that the site took in. Some of the banks were located in Latvia which is in the Baltic area of Northern Europe.

The Financial and Capital Market Commission in Latvia is looking at the role of these banks tapped by Secure Investment. The FCMC will try to determine whether these credit facilities acted in line with the provisions of regulatory standards. Secure Investment, which traders found only on the web, never disclosed its true location. The site listed toll-free phone numbers of its call centers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong.

The fraud worked for some time. Last March, Secure’s portal became more popular than Forex.com, the second-biggest US-based, over-the-counter currency trading company.

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Currency News

FOREXBack on its foot this Friday, safe-haven yen risked assets staging a wide recovery as investors awaited the result of BOJ meeting.
Versus the yen, USD added 0.2% to purchase 119.06 yen; meanwhile, the euro attached 0.2% to 146.21 yen.

Later on Friday, BOJ expected widely to retain its strong monetary stimulus following its two-day meeting on policies that might possible provide a positive view of the economy.

Haruhiko Kuroda, BOJ Governor, will likely reiterate its call to control wages increase at the post-meeting news conference; likely to encourage PM Shinzo Abe to urge forward fiscal and structural reforms.

Investors anticipate that the opposing policies on currencies between Japan and U.S. will strengthen the green buck versus the yen. Last Wednesday, the U.S. Fed Reserved deleted its promise to maintain rates near zero for a considerable amount of time as a sign of confidence in the recovery of U.S. economic and retaining it on the way to hike interest rates in 2015.

The position of the Fed stimulated gains in U.S. stocks, providing the S&P 500 during its best two-day movement forward in three years.
On Thursday, the Swiss franc went down following the imposition of Switzerland’s CB negative interest rates on deposits and its stabilization at 0.9800 franc vice the dollar.

The euro kept itself strong against the dollar at $1.2284.

Francois Hollande, French President, stated last Friday that he wants to see the euro sagged against the dollar but saw that the exchange rate was fast nearing a point of balance.

USD index, that follows the greenback pitted against a basket of six major currencies, was last up 0.1% at 89.216, within the wave length of the Dec. 8 high of 89.550, that served as a five-year peak.

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Russian President Explains Ruble’s Collapse

Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying hard to control the panic caused by the fall of his country’s currency.

Putin is trying to avoid resorting to radical measures such as removing Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev from office, based on revelations made by unknown officials close to the President. Economic and diplomatic affairs will be among the main of his media conference scheduled today.
As oil trading approaches a five-year slump and no immediate opportunity to get away from penalties imposed by Western powers, Kremlin has nothing to offer but assurances to the Russian populace. The president will never admit his blunders since this will be tantamount to public embarrassment. This was the statement of Stanislav Belkovsky, one of Putin’s former advisers.
The Ruble has lost nearly ½ of its value since the middle of 2014.

Another past economic adviser said that the only reason is crude oil and the fact that markets have lost faith in the government as well as the Russian central bank.

The central bank’s bit to stop the skid of its currency failed even after it increased interest rates by 6.5 points to 17 percent. The central bank leadership said it also seeks to stabilize the nation’s banking system and premit lenders to make use of a 3rd quarter exchange rate prior to the acceleration of the currency’s fall.

Reserves have waned to 1/5 of $416 billion last year as the central bank tried unsuccessfully to defend its national currency. Prices may go down by five percent in 2015 if oil prices remain at $60, according to economic officials in Moscow.

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US Consumer Prices Drop

US Consumer Goods PricesPrices of primary consumer products in the United States declined significantly last November which is the most in nearly six years which provided a boost to purchasing power of citizens and advance economic growth.

Cost of living dropped 0.3 percent which is the most going back to December of 2008. This is based on figures provided by the Department of Labor. Consumers are also enjoying cheap fuel and strong job market. Policy makers of the central bank declared they will be tolerant regarding the timing for the initial interest rate increase and expect inflation to increase rise slowly towards their targets.

Stocks staged a rally and gave the Index of Standard & Poor’s 500 its most substantial gain since October after the Federal Reserve announced it will be cautious in increasing interests. S&P went up 1.3 percent to 1,997.69 in New York trading floors.

Consumer prices soared 1.3 percent in 2013 and advanced last month, based on the US Labor Department’s figures.

A median forecast made by some economists forecasted Consumer Price Index to decline by 0.1 percent. Energy costs also plunged 3.8 percent from the previous month earlier because of the 6.6 percent plummet of gasoline prices. Meanwhile, food prices increased 0.2 percent.

Increase in medical care and airline rates were nearly surpassed totally by the largest drop in costs of clothing for the first time in 16 years.
Household fuel bills are still decreasing with average cost of ordinary gasoline at the pump dropping to $2.51 per gallon last December 16,

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